A little info about us


Personal Interests

  • We live in Phoenix Arizona

  • We own 6 weeks of timeshares plus many “spacebanked” weeks bought off the web at "steal" prices 

  • Timeshares are in San Francisco (1), San Diego, Marriott Summit Ridge (2), Scottsdale (2)

  • In addition to use of timeshares we vacation for 12 to 16  weeks a year in Europe, Hawaii , and cruising.

  • Have made multiple visits to Mexico, Tahiti, Europe, South Pacific in past 8 years.

  • Started using Cruise Ships and have cruised Tahiti, Alaska, Mexican Riviera, and all of Carribean

  • Love to give tips on how to get maximum enjoyment at the most reasonable cost.

  • Roger was a Personal Trainer for 3 years too!  www.ThePersonalTrainer.org

  • Now he is a Day Trader working from wherever we are in the world - what a life!


Contact Information                                                        

Web address

                         Naoma can be reached at naoma@cheerful.com

                         Roger can be reached at roger@technologist.com

                         FAX number   240-371-8722    Home phone   602-943-0166  Cell 602-326-1486

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