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In late June 1999 I went to Club Med Moorea and Bora Bora. This was my third trip to Moorea, but my first to Bora Bora. Moorea has changed since my previous visits because there was a storm and it had to be rebuilt. The Club is on a lovely beach and has most of the activities of other Club Meds.

After the plane lands you have a bus ride to the Club on a very scenic route. (I've gone to Club Meds over 30 times). The accommodations are thatched huts with 2 beds, so you might request a double bed for your trip. Perhaps they even have a "honeymoon" package with Champagne or something; I am not sure.

While at Moorea this time I took the shark feeding and ray petting trip. It is a 3-hour boat trip and you stop at two different areas. The shark feeding is quite spectacular. Yes, they are real sharks and they come quite close to you. The guide does the feeding but you can watch them through your snorkel mask -- while holding on to the side of the outrigger boat. Then you go to an area where the rays are everywhere. I've been ray petting in Grand Cayman (Stingray City). The rays are very beautiful and tame creatures who enjoy the company of humans. They will "slither" all over you. Their underbelly is velvet in texture and their top surface feels like leather. The "sting" tail won't hurt you --just don't step on it. A video is available to purchase that is made on each outrigger trip. I bought one and enjoy having it. My husband and daughter are underwater photographers and my daughter is a SCUBA divemaster, so they photographed me with the rays in Cayman.

There is a Tahitian day and evening at the Club and I had a Tahitian massage (behind a screen in the theater) and it was quite good -- you just leave a donation. They sell Tahitian artifacts and the native artisans come and display their wares. You can also purchase a flower crown which is very pretty to wear at dinner. The food was not as good as some other Club Meds -- but I really heard no one complain about it. I met a lot of very interesting people from all over the world and am corresponding with some of them currently. There are other excursions which you can take -- the Land Rover "jungle tour" (which I took on a previous visit, a trip to Marlon Brando's island for the day, etc. I met a honeymoon couple from New Jersey who took EVERY trip outside the Club that was available. They told me they didn't know if they would ever get back that way again and wanted to make the most of every moment and see everything. They were a delightful couple and I enjoyed every conversation I had with them. Because I traveled alone I was paired with a "roommate". She was as young as my daughter and kept to herself, and although I offered to introduce her to a number of lovely people I had met, she declined.

You can rent Mopeds and ride around Moorea, but I did that on a previous trip.

The trip to Bora Bora is by plane, boat and bus. My particular circumstance involved a plane delay, replacement plane, brief stop on the Island of Huahine and losing around 6 hours of time. But this is not a regular occurrence. Once you reach Bora Bora you have a ferry boat ride. Before you land on Bora Bora there is an aerial shot of the place which is truly spectacular. I bought a postcard of that shot and presently scanned it onto paper I use for personal stationery. The colors of the water there are magnificent and I would say are the most beautiful in the parts of the world I've seen. (I must qualify this, in that I've been everywhere I ever wanted to go and now I am repeating the good stuff". I make 2 trips a month to various places). Back to the water. The water goes from the colors of mint green to aqua to turquoise to royal blue to navy blue. You take a ferry boat from the outer reef where the plane lands and then you are on the island where a bus will take you to the Club.

This Club would be considered one of "Club Med's Finest" (another one of this type is Columbus Isle). My accommodation was a double room but I had it all to myself because most people there are couples. But that didn't stop me from meeting a whole lot more interesting people. I took a glass bottom boat ride, crossed the water one morning all alone in a small boat (with driver) and spent time on a motu (little island) all by myself just "thinking." I also did the shark-ray trip and while similar it was somewhat different in that the boat left us in water and we had to snorkel to the reef. I said "I don't really snorkel unless I know I can stand up." Well, I did snorkel this time. In spite of getting a mask full of water, which I cleared immediately, I had a fantastic time and saw some of the most beautiful sea creatures. Once I got over the "fear" that it was way too deep for me I just assumed the snorkel position and moved on until I reached the outer reef and then the boat came to pick us up. I saw the tiniest Moray eel and many beautiful clams as well as fantastic fish.

The evening shows were always worth watching. (Because I have been to so many Clubs I sometimes just skip the shows). The food was worthy of "Club Med's Finest" and there was so much selection -- including one of my favorite touches -- the bread chef who makes 12 or 14 different breads each evening. There is much more French spoken at this Club than at Moorea and because I don't speak French, one evening I asked that the trivia game in the bar be translated into English (but I was the only one who needed a translation). The black pearls of Bora Bora are spectacular but very expensive. (I bought myself a pair of black pearl earrings, but only when I return to the states where the prices were lower and the pearls are smaller).

I certainly have enjoyed writing this and hope it helps you. You cannot help but be transformed by the magic of Tahiti. On my first trip I was so "changed" that I quit my job when I returned. (I met a man on Moorea who told me he had a similar experience after his first trip). The beauty of Bora Bora (especiallly the water, which looks like they it is painted in large bands of the various colors) is magnificent.

Hopefully, I can go once again with my husband -- maybe next year -- because he has never seen these islands. He has been to a lot of the South Pacific in his diving adventures, but not Bora Bora.

We've been married 32 years and I wish my married readers an even longer life together. May your vacations be fabulous! There are "deals" to be had. I saw one on the "net" which was approximately the same price as I paid for my trip, but which was a week on each of Moorea and Bora Bora; whereas, my trip was only 7-8 days.

If I have not given you all the information you want to know, just ask.


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